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Monday, April 7, 2008

Ben's to Transfer

From the CL:
STARKVILLE - Starting guard Ben Hansbrough will leave Mississippi State's basketball team and intends to transfer, MSU coach Rick Stansbury said today.

"Ben is a good kid and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors," Stansbury said in a news release.Contacted earlier today, Stansbury wouldn't comment beyond what was in the release.A message left on Hansbrough's cell phone wasn't immediately returned.Hansbrough, a 6-foot-3 sophomore, was State's fourth-leading scorer in its recent run to the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Hansbrough started 28 games and averaged 10.5 points per game. He shot 36 percent from behind the 3-point line and led the team in free throw shooting percentage, making 78.9 percent of his attempts.

Didn't really see that one coming, I don't like the reoccuring theme on the team.


Anonymous said...

Probably wants to play point.

Tom said...

That might be right. I think we'll still contend for the SEC WEST and overall SEC Titles next year... especially if Jamont returns. Ravern is a solid player. Dee and Romero ought to be immediate contributors.

Would love for him to have stayed, but, we'll be okay

Anonymous said...

This is getting old now. Delk boys last year. Rhodes wanted to tranfer the year before that, but decided to stay. What is going on with this program. We can't keep settling for SEC West titles and losing in the 2nd Rd or the NIT and have solid players transfer every year. I think it's time for a coaching change.

Anonymous said...

Ben Hansbrough is a solid basketball player(He's good), and has been a big key to the team. Played well/hard. Things will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Where is he transferring to?

Anonymous said...

He's transfering to lollipop land, where the grass is ALWAYS greener and the best athlete (JG) he'll EVER see is not in the line-up.

Seriously, Jamont Gordon is not an NBA player, heck Tyler Hansbrough is not an NBA player... but Ben thinks there is a coach and a building (practice facility) out there that will make him one.

He doesn't need a new coach or a gymnasium... he needs a couch with a Shrink. Or a Father who has a faint clue about reality.