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Monday, June 16, 2008

So, What Do You Want To Talk About?

What are some summer topics you would like researched and written about? October can't get here quick enough.


Anonymous said...

we have heard several items about osby and bost. however i'm interested in how holcombe and beckham will fit into the team. hopefully someone will see them play this summer and give us a report.


kurt w said...

I agree.

Tom said...

With the loss of 3 starters, who are the most likely ones to get the early starting nod?

Who'll be the ones most likely to move into starting roles as the season progresses?

Anonymous said...

My guess now that all is settled with the draft and such:

1- Bost- Several people have said the coaches are going to let him play. Even in his interview he said the coaches were going to bring him in to play.
2- Stewart- I think he needs to be able to concentrate on being a scorer. However I am not sold on his athletism.
3- R Johnson- Could be a nightmare matchup but needs to learn defense and ball handling.
4- B Johnson- Steady role player with some skill.
5- J Varnado- I think he'll shine on offense this year with his skill.

I hope that Beckham can back up the point.
Turner needs to be a perimeter stopper.
Osby and Holcombe rest the 3 and 4.
Bailey backs up the 5.
The wild cards for me are Augustus and Benock as they both have serious issues with defense and confidence respectively.