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Friday, June 27, 2008

Wanted-Point Guard by 005

The oft maligned Jamont Gordon is now casting his fortunes to the professional basketball winds. Although a steady and productive performer he never was a comfortable fit at the PG position. The proof was in the turnovers, which compared to his positive statistics bring to mind the old adage. "Can't live with him, can't live without him."

As choices dictate, the Bulldogs are living without Gordon a year earlier than some had hoped. The clear successor is Dee Bost, a flashy prep recruit often described as a combo guard in point guard training. This won't be unusual for Maroon and White observers as the Stansbury regime often seeks out multi-tasking back-court performers. Bost showed a tough prep school league what he's made of in leading Hargrave to the Invitational Title in the confines of New York City last winter and brings his combination of speed and athleticism to the front in Gordon's absence.

This writer estimates that Bost is more than ready for the SEC challenge as he excelled among ( and against ) the highest available competition both as a play maker and as a defender. The questions remain, "how good" and "how soon ?" Only time will give the answers on that question, but necessity will afford him every opportunity to take command early. In Gordon's absence there are no experienced players that stand in the way. Barry Stewart has had some part time experience and may be called on to steady the team. It's clear, however, that Stewart's niche will be at shooting guard where his mostly undivided chore will be shooting the ball.

It appears that Antiquawn "Twanny" Beckham will assume some responsibility at all three perimeter positions. If film is a good indicator, he is comfortable handling the ball to the left AND right. When Bost sits, expect Stewart and Beckham to share ball handling duties.

It should be every Bulldog's hope that Bost doesn't sit very often. He needs to be the real deal, right away. First year mistakes are expected and forgivable just as Jamont's third year mistakes were mitigated by his carrying the team in other areas. Bost promises to be more suited to the position and the prospects of a smooth transition have Bulldogs hoping to stay atop their own back yard, the SEC West.-005


kurt w said...

Well-written, but don't give up on Jamont yet. It's still quite possible that he'll be returning.

Anonymous said...

Jamont has many obstacles.

1) By all appearances he wants to play pro basketball, wherever that may take him.

2) He has to take care of all travel expenses accumulated during months of working out at NBA facilities.

3) Potential academic probation for missing class. Latest info doesn't have him scrambling back to Starkville for summer session.

Even the most casual observer should recognize that Jamont decided at some point to sabotage any possibility of playing his SR year.

He'll make a lot of money playing in Europe. If Darryl and Chuckie can play 14 + years overseas then Jamont has a year head-start on a lucrative career. I'd suggest that he figure out a way to be paid in Euros give the current transfer rates.


Anonymous said...

Antiquawn Beckham, Dee Bost.... Very talented/capable playmakers.

Anonymous said...

The freshmen guards....Bost and Beckham are very talented.

Anonymous said...

Its official-Jamont to Sixers,bye bye Jamont, thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Jamont Gordon is very talented.