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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Who will take the 2? by 005

Shooting Guard

1 foot..... 12 inches. The three point line extends from 19 ft 9 inches to 20 ft 9 inches. Apparently governing concerns felt that the old NCAA line was no longer a challenge. Bulldog shooters would offer a differing opinion and fans would agree as 3 for 17 type performances seemed commonplace with a team that lagged behind SEC averages in the perimeter shooting department. Shooting guard hasn't been a strength position for the Bulldog program and might be considered one of the weaker areas for the 2008-2009 squad.

Barry Stewart is a steady player. Ever since he put on the Maroon and White he's had a reputation for being a cool customer, a guy who's bubble always seems to be on the level. Some may note a sag in shooting percentages from his Freshman to Sophomore campaign, but there's more to the numbers than what meets the eye. As a freshman he was coming off the bench behind Reginald Delk and didn't face the performance pressure he met his second time around. Also worth mentioning is the fact that he served a dual role in handling some point guard duties. Although he isn't a great athlete compared to his sEC peers, he is deceptively quick when opponents are switching defenders or if he gets his man leaning. On the defensive end, he does an admirable job staying in front of his man and keen observers know that he's continued to improve in the passing lanes.

It appears that Twanny Beckham will assume a dual position role and Barry will play the bulk of the minutes at shooting guard. Beckham, although not known as a pure shooter is said to be a hard nosed defender who likes to attack the basket on the offensive end. Riley Benock is another option off the bench. Riley needs to develop a shooter's mentality, taking cues from his hero Jason Reddick and former Florida standout Lee Humphrey. This writer doesn't see the point of playing Riley if he's not looking to shoot.-005


Anonymous said...

I believe that Stewart having to play the point last year hurt his offensive game due to taking away opportunities to score and having him focus on initiating the offense. I hope that Stewart can focus only on the 2 this year but I have concerns about having two freshmen (albeit prep school players) manning such a high pressure position. I think that Stewart still may have to step in when these guys have a “freshman moment”.


Anonymous said...

(Dee Bost- combo guard) In addition to being a very talented point guard, Dee Bost is a very talented shooting guard.

Anonymous said...

Ravern Johnson(guard/wing)

kurt w said...

I expect Bost to run point and let Stewart focus on the 2.

Anonymous said...

Ravern Johson

Anonymous said...

Ravern Johnson

Anonymous said...

Ravern Johnson isn't playing shooting guard. Perhaps if he stays around long enough he could do that as a veteran player.


Anonymous said...

Ravern Johnson is capable of developing into a very good shooting guard. Big upside.

john said...

The roster sheet is short on experienced production but long on talent and potential. Make no mistake, this team isn't overly youthful, just lacking in dependable scoring punch taken away with the loss of Gordon, Rhodes, and to a lesser point Ben Hansbrough. Opportunity abounds for newcomers like Bost and Osby. Returning players such as Ravern Johnson, Kodi Augustus, and Elgin Bailey will be pressed to make the most of their college experience in heightened roles. Needless to say, a Rick Stansbury team will learn to play sound defense and with Varnado on the back line there is strong assurance that will continue.
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