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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good Guys 77 Other Guys 55

You have to like the distribution of points. Top scorer Ravern. 15 points on 5 3's. Elgin a solid 10 points. Jarvis 9pts 11 rebounds, and 7 blocks. Long way to go, not one the better teams we'll play pre-SEC, but you have to like the young pups on this team. Go Dogs!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey bullpoopies

Scotty isnt all that good besides the 3s and the slams. But I would still compare him to MJ. Once again what was briefly yours (Elvis,Scotty) is now ours.

See you in Knoxville

jdelta033 said...

Good game.

Zone defense by Centenary was a big key in the way the game was played. Mississippi State handled it well.

Mississippi State's defense looked good and showed flashes of being very good.

Also, Mississippi State worked some on zone defense in this game.

Tom said...


Were you at the game? Any insight on Elgin, Romero and Kodi?

Does Stans play Elgin and Jarvis at the same time? It seems like that wouldn't be the best combination. Is Elgin resting Jarvis?

How about Kodi and Romero, what'd you think of them?


jdelta033 said...

I wasn't at the game. Saw some video.

Elgin Bailey is backing up Varnado....Very actice on both ends and started finishing better in this game. He physically took it to Centenary offensively. Bailey has all kinds of moves and is very, very powerful. Capable of starting at the 4 spot. Needed at the five. Also, Mississippi State is committed to developing the talented young 4 spot guys that they've been using, along with Brian Johnson.

Elgin and Jarvis playing at the same time will depend on the situation....Same with other potential line ups. Rick Stansbury and the staff will start/play guys based on what the team needs, are trying to do, ect.

Kodi Augustus and Romero Osby shared time and got good experience against zone defense. Both made plays and looked better defensively.

Kodi is long, really stretches his arms out, and is hard to shoot over. Plays big defensively. Gives a Robery Horry type look on the court. Active player, improved defensively. just needs continued playing time.

Romero looked good putting the ball on the floor and penetrating. He's tough to guard facing the basket and made some nice plays. He also rebounded very well. Osby has a big rebounding upside. With Osby on the court, Mississippi State has both a small forward and power forward in one player. He passes like a guard. Like Augustus...will improve as he plays.

Andrew said...

But I would still compare him to MJ.

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