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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Open Discussion about Scrimmage

Out of town today, welcomed comments about scrimmage.

Couple of stats:
Jarvis 17 pts, 12 rebounds, 8 blks in 24 mins.
Ravern 19 pts in 24 mins.
Bosts 13 pts 7 assists 3 to in 32 mins.
Osby 10 pts 11 rebounds in 13 mins.


Tom said...

Glad to read the first box score of the season... even if it is an exhibition game.

Ravern is going to be one tough player. Arliss, you have sung his praises from the beginning. Looks like you were right.

You've got to like Bost's numbers. 7 assists to only 3 TO's.

Osby got 11 rebounds in 13 minutes. Coach has to be happy.

A good start.

jdelta033 said...

The team is coming along very well......

Another big game for Ravern Johnson.

Jarvis Varnado with big numbers.

Dee Bost is continuing to make plays at the point.

Romero Osby is looked good.

Barry Stewart- solid.

Kodi Augustus and others made plays.

jdelta033 said...

Team defense is coming along.

Anonymous said...

Will be interesting to see what happens when Beckham enters the mix along with Phil Turner.

I believe both players bring some defensive ability off the bench.


Anonymous said...

How long til we get Beckham and Turner back?

Anonymous said...

From Rick's comments it seems like Turner was serving a suspension from the off-season, although he was in a boot. Beckham is expected to play in our next exhibition game. ~Z

Arliss said...

Is it just me or would Scotty have set back the team chemistry that seems to be building within our Bulldogs?

Gill said...

I was there and I thought Osby and Augustus played much better than Johnson and Bailey. I'd start Osby over Brian Johnson for sure.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with starting Osby.. He played very hard.

And yes.. Forget Hopson! He would have been one and done anyway...


Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with one and done?

Anonymous said...

Would just rather have someone who is gonna stay for awhile.. Just me


Anonymous said...

Yeah kinda like Cindy Crawford and her mole.

Anonymous said...

Thats the ticket. Much rather have Morgan Fairchild. Probably spends to much time playing in the dirt with her mole.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we have more talent than some think and Scotty would be like adding an Iverson. The amount of assists we had is encouraging.

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