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Friday, March 21, 2008

Great Job State!!!!

Way to brass up!!!! You couldn't ask for more to prove yourself. Let's be the first to take out the number one seed!!! Go Dawgs!!!!


Anonymous said...

i knew they couldnt keep makin them 3s forever. i swear iv been tellin everyone i think we matchup the best with memphis and i like our chances if we can make some jumpers. my only worry was gettin by oregons 3 point shots. we did so im gonna be watchin memphis. fee throw shooting has always been my thing this year with msu but finally we will match up with someone worse than us.

Anonymous said...

The rim at that end of the court was TIGHT.

Don't believe me?

I believe both teams shot a total of 2-30 from 3 on that rim.

Arliss said...

Totally agree, I was worried more about Oregon than Memphis, I know we will play our best game on Sunday. We will leave it all on the court.