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Friday, March 7, 2008

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts about the game on Wednesday (I'm still speechless) and the game against LSU on Saturday. Farewell to Charles and off to Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

I thought that there were a number of things that could have changed this game(obviously). You can go back and watch the entire video at vucommodores.cstv.com (i think that's it) for free. You'll see that there were some very questionable calls, most notably of which was the offensive foul call on Jarvis and then the subsequent technical. That on play had the potential to be a 7 point turn around.

Anonymous said...

Jamont also missed two very makable baskets in the last 10 seconds that would have won us the game. Also, props to Foster because every single one of his threes was absolutely insane.

Doug said...

Great news!!!!


...6 seed in Tampa Bay playing UAB in first game.

finally... some national recognition.

Doug said...

Where Miss St might play:

7 seed - Omaha, Little Rock, Raleigh

6 seed - Washington D.C., Tampa, Birmingham, Anaheim

5 seed - Washington D.C., Tampa, Denver

4 seed - same as 5 seed

Anonymous said...

Dawgs are poised for a run, lots of talent on this team. Look for Gordon to up his draft stock.

Anonymous said...

Good win.